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Leadership Upgrade

“Facing it, always facing it, that’s the way to get through. Face it.”

                                                               ― Conrad Joseph

We believe that while everyone needs leadership skills, these are not ‘bestowed’ but must be earned. Also, context and environment are  important while applying leadership frameworks. There are no one-size-fits-all mantras.

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World-class leadership training, outcome-based life coaching and
, and help transform your organisation’s culture for
substantial growth.

For training, we leverage the Armed Forces, corporate, and academia
best practices to provide ready-to-use frameworks relevant to your

Our life coaching aims at rapidly bringing relief and discovering
actionable solutions.

And we use a powerful propriety tool to analyse and transform your
organisational culture.


Based on these precepts, we have created several module-based programs:

In Command Management Development Program (MDP)

This MDP is a module-based program for senior management. The unique program aims at catalysing the next levels of leadership skills, organisational transformation capabilities and personal growth by drawing from an amalgam of the best and relevant frameworks of the Armed Forces and the corporate.

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The Manager Warrior Leadership Development Program (LDP)

This LDP is a module-based program for managers at different rungs of hierarchy. The program aims at upgrading leadership and spurring personal growth among managers. The goal is to benefit the organisation and the individuals by bringing the best relevant frameworks and tools from the Armed Forces and the corporate. 
The program recognises that the development of leadership and its nuances in the participants is the key to the collective success of any organisation. Equally important is the ‘inspirational’ approach of the program – to instill the spirit of growth and change.

Scholar-Warrior Faculty Development Program

The Scholar Warrior Faculty Development Program (FDP) is a module-based program for junior, mid-level, and senior college faculty. This unique program aims at upgrading leadership and personal growth skills by drawing from the best practices of the Armed Forces, the world of education and the corporate, as relevant to the faculty of a college


Help is at Hand

Life is difficult. And it is meant to be so.

The straight-shooting realist and coach Phil McGraw told us a sublime secret: Life is managed, it is not cured.

Think about it. Won’t some of the incessant moaning we do about our challenges come from the perception that somehow, the procession of our inner troubles will halt one day? Somewhere in the recesses of our mind lurks the untested belief that if we tried hard enough, parts of the inner struggle with our ‘nature’ – and that of the others who surround us – would stand resolved. All we need is to try hard enough, and things will settle down, freeing us to coast through the rest of our lives unopposed by pesky challenges. And when the torment does not subside, we hurt and struggle even more.

Life Coaching and Leadership Mentoring

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