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In Command
A Management Development Program (MDP)

The Program

A module-based program for senior management to catalyse higher levels of leadership skills, organisational transformation capabilities and personal growth by drawing from an amalgam of the best and relevant frameworks of the Armed Forces and the corporate. We recognise that the participants are already successful and accomplished professionals. The MDP builds on that platform to ‘rearm’ the participants to drive exponential personal and organisational change.

Who Should Attend

Senior leaders (members of the management committee, CXOs, other senior executives and Vice Presidents) whose
mandate involves understanding and executing strategy, visionary thinking, management of organisational culture and leadership of large workforces.

Key Benefits

Understanding the nuances of leadership in a world of fleeting realities.

Leveraging the secret sauce of organisational culture.

A review of the strategic thought process.

Renewing a reflective approach to thinking well.

The Modules

Leveraging the Power of Organisational Culture
Strategic Thinking for Wins
The Power of the Pivot
Developing Competitive Intelligence for the Company
Leadership in the Age of Disruption
The Art of Thinking Well
Communication and Conflict Resolution
Fostering Trust
Effective Decision Making
Understanding the Nuances of Modern Media and Online Reputation
Motivating Teams and Creating Teamwork
And more..

The Program

Who Should Attend

Key Benefits

The Modules

This LDP is a module-based program for managers at all rungs of the hierarchy to upgrade leadership and spur personal growth. The goal is to benefit the organisation and the individuals by imparting the best relevant frameworks and tools from the Armed Forces and the corporate.
The program recognises that equally important is the ‘inspirational’ approach to instil the spirit of growth and change.

Managers and executives at all levels.

Understanding how to lead in the contemporary workplace

Learning how to be a good follower.

Personal growth of life’s most critical soft skills, including interpersonal competence, conflict resolution, time management, and forming self-discipline and great habits.

Technical Skills including Sales, Marketing, Technical Writing, Body language, Etiquette and more.

Your leadership orientation
The power of your role
Leading by example
The secret sauce of motivation
Communication and conflict resolution
Effective decision making
To lead, be a good follower first
Motivating teams and developing teamwork
Interpersonal conduct
Developing next level discipline and habits
Techniques for managing time effectively
Technical writing
Secrets of making sales
Excellence at marketing
Business etiquette
Making excellent presentations
And more..

Manager Warrior
A Leadership Development Program (LDP)

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Scholar Warrior
A Faculty Development Program (FDP)

The Program

This FDP is a module-based program for junior, mid-level, and senior college faculty. The program recognises that the participants are primarily senior professionals from academia and their leadership challenges are distinct from those in the corporate sector. The content keeps this aspect firmly in view while aiming to upgrade leadership and personal growth skills by drawing from the best practices of the Armed Forces, the world of education and the corporate, as relevant to the
college faculty.

Who Should Attend

The program is for the faculty of all disciplines, experience and seniority. The college may include non-teaching faculty, as well.

Key Benefits

Understanding the role of a teacher as a leader and change-maker.
Contribution to shaping the culture of the institution.
Leading in the world of aspiration, distraction and competition.
Imperatives of personal growth.

The Modules

The current leadership environment for teachers
Leading by example for academics
Building a robust college culture
Understanding the power of your actual role
The secret sauce of motivation
How to be a good follower first
Leadership in the age of disruption
The art of thinking well
Communication and conflict resolution
How to effectively change habits
Time management for winners
And more..

Key Modalities

Programs comprise 90-minute modules. All programs are flexible in both the number of modules and the overall schedule of the program. We, however, recommend a 10 to 12-module program.


The program is conducted online. The offline option is also available.

All modules rely on interaction and uniquely created case studies, called Reflection Exercises.

The recommended size of the batch is preferably between 10 and 25.

Key Modalities
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