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Organisational Culture

Key Benefits

Higher productivity and growth.
Raised employee morale and reduced attrition.
Discernibly improved work ethic.
Greater alignment with the values of the company.
Improved teamwork, reduction in conflicts.

Our Five-Step Process

Step 1: Qualitative understanding of the critical cultural issues through interaction with the management and rank and file. (4 weeks)

Step 2: Quantitative interaction using propriety tool to validate the qualitative analysis. (Simultaneous with Step 1)

Step 3: Preparation and submission of the report and discussion with the management. (2 weeks)

Step 4: Launch the Leadership Coaching and Employee 'Sensitise and Inspire' process through workshops and mentoring. (2 weeks)

Step 5: Present a detailed and timebound action plan to review and align procedures, processes, SOPs, norms, traditions, structures, communication and symbolism. (2 weeks)

Implementation commences immediately after the action plan has been approved. We help monitor the implementation.

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