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Embrace this Gift of Calmness

As we collectively navigate through the deep uncertainty that the novel Corona-virus has brought into our lives, it is becoming apparent to many that the situation is not without streaks of happy surprises. Quarantined in our homes, we have gotten off the mad roller-coaster of daily living. There may not be infinitely more time with us – especially for the women who must fulfill dual responsibilities – but there is a welcome calmness in our affairs.

There are other pleasant developments for us. We have been forced to be frugal and thus, somewhat wealthier. The perpetual quest to look better and out-dress the world has subsided, even if temporarily. I, for one, have struck a good friendship with my comfortable track-pants. And then there is this refreshing of our connections with the other members of the family. Gone is that universal lament that families hardly ever met.

But none of the new gifts is more precious than the sense of serenity – a relative feeling for sure but a perceptible one all the same – that has arrived for us. This moment of stability and slowing-down of time, then, makes us well placed to turn our lights inward — an invaluable opportunity to introspect and join the dots of our attitudes and feelings. And to simultaneously reminisce about the moments of joy and revisit our failure to carve out the best lessons.

But what of this exercise when the cloud of Corona-virus has passed? Will we allow ourselves to be wholly thrown back into the hum-drum of existence?

That is where wisdom must step in and refuse to give up this gift in entirety. No matter how much are we drawn into the vortex of action, we should continue to make time for a date with our inner selves. This is not only possible, but it is also imperative.

That is a gift we must embrace for the rest of our lives.

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