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Life Coaching and Mentoring

What’s on Offer

Life Coaching

This is a structured interaction, held over a few one-hour sessions (usually up to 6) where the coach will help you arrive at solutions that emerge from you, therefore, find greater acceptance and ownership.

The conversations are entirely confidential and held online.
At the end of each session, you will reach an actionable step with the coach's help.
The frequency of the sessions can be mutually decided, but one per week is recommended.
If telephonic support is required between sessions, we would be happy to help without any extra charge.

Executive Coaching/ Mentoring

This applies more to workplace/business issues, but personal problems could also be discussed. 
These are also structured sessions, typically of one-hour duration each. These are preceded by a short questionnaire to understand you better. 
While the mentor will help you arrive at solutions that you own and agree with, the difference with life coaching is that in this case, if asked for, the mentor would provide his perceptions, solutions and plans. 

How It Works

You get a free 20-minute conversation with the coach to explore if life or executive coaching can help you. During this session, the coach will explain the modalities of the process. 
Once you have formally contracted the coach, you will get to discuss all issues in completely confidential one-on-one online sessions. The number of sessions depends on your progress and satisfaction, but typically, a minimum of 6 sessions are required.
The frequency and timings of the sessions will be mutually decided based on your convenience. 
To set up a free call to discuss modalities and costs etc.

About the Coach

Maj Gen Neeraj Bali, Sena Medal, is an Indian Army veteran, a corporate professional, certified Life Coach and the Leadership Circle administrator, leadership trainer and a professional speaker. 
He is a transformational life coach who believes that ‘we are the writers, directors and heroes of the film of our own life’ and can always become the best version of ourselves. He has helped several men and women to surmount a variety of challenges and reach that goal.

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