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We offer you three services

Leadership Training 

We promise world-class training for leadership skills and personal growth. By leveraging the best practices from the Armed Forces, corporate and academia, we provide ready-to-use frameworks relevant to your challenges.


Life Coaching and Mentoring 

We have a focused outcome-based approach. We aim at rapidly discovering actionable solutions that are sustainable and permanent. 

Organisation’s Culture

To transform culture and thus spur your growth, we create actionable and timebound plans. We use a powerful propriety tool for analysis of the company's prevailing culture. We partner with you to oversee the implementation.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

We Believe

Everyone needs leadership skills. These are not ‘bestowed’ but can and must be taught. Also, context and environment are important there and are no one-size-fits-all mantras. Hence we customise the entire training to fit your needs and challenges.


Why Leadscape?

Our leadership development programs are unique; these leverage the best frameworks and practices from the Armed Forces, corporate and education sectors, and are created by those who have held leadership positions in all three.

Our programs shun theory; the participants are provided actionable and practical frameworks and tools for immediate use.

The programs are customised exclusively after consulting the participating management, based on its challenges and requirements.

Inspiring the participants for action and growth is an intrinsic approach of the programs.

We do not believe in the ‘fun and games’ approach to training. Instead, we rely on propriety Reflection Exercises, interactive case-studies and surveys to bring out the best lessons.

Leadership Training Programs

In Command - A Management Development Program (MDP)

This is a module-based MDP for current and aspiring senior leadership whose mandate involves understanding and executing strategy, visionary thinking, management of organisational culture and leadership of large workforces.


The program recognises that the participants are already successful and accomplished professionals. The MDP builds on that platform to ‘rearm’ the participants to drive exponential personal and organisational change.

The program has elicited an outstanding response from the previous CXO-level participants.


Manager Warrior - A Leadership Development Program (LDP)

A module-based program for managers at all levels.


The program will upgrade skills in leadership, personal growth and selected technical subjects for the collective growth of the organisation. It provides practical frameworks that can be put to immediate use at the workplace and in life.

The program has proven to be extremely popular; it has been run repeatedly, even in the same organisations.

Scholar Warrior - A Faculty Development Program (FDP)

This is a module-based program for junior, mid-level, and senior college faculty. This unique program aims to upgrade leadership and personal growth skills by drawing from the best practices of the Armed Forces, the world of education and the corporate, as relevant to the college faculty. Its previous editions have elicited an excellent response.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching and Mentoring

Often, we need a Life Coach

Life is difficult. And it is meant to be so.

The brilliant news is that we can manage our lives well, even beautifully.
Many things can bog us down.

It could be troublesome relationships, issues at the workplace, uncertainties of the future, or any other challenge. Perhaps we want to create a 'life plan' for success and happiness.

We could benefit immensely from someone experienced and friendly, who doesn't judge us but helps to cut through the jungle of confusion and arrive at clear-headed solutions.

For all this, we offer life coaching by an eminently experienced and certified coach to guide you through all your challenges.


Primarily, the quality of your company's culture drives its growth


This is a bold statement, but most successful business leaders will readily agree with it. Culture is that silent and powerful force that impacts performance more than even the business climate, resource availability or the soundness of strategy. Peter Drucker told us that: culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Yet, many companies struggle to understand the infirmities in their culture, much less grasp how to go about making changes.

We have developed a propriety tool for companies to analyse their critical cultural challenges. We deploy that tool in concert with other approaches, notably qualitative analysis based on conversations with the management and the rank and file.

Most importantly, we create an action plan – systematic, step-by-step and timebound – for achieving tangible results.

Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture

About Us

About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To elevate the performance of companies and individuals by leveraging the best military and business strategies.


Our Strength

We in LeadScape draw our knowledge and inspiration from mapping the best practices of both the worlds: the Armed Forces – notably the Army – and the Business. We have mined for wisdom from extensive operational experience of the Army and the corporate world. We believe that the vast body of these practices is relevant to the corporate. We have built a bridge over which the knowledge, insights and secrets can be carried into the world of business, education and non-profits. With the use of modern technology, where applicable.

Our Mission
Our Strength

Meet Our Team

Our Team
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Founder CEO

Maj Gen Neeraj Bali, Sena Medal, is an Indian Army veteran, a corporate professional, certified Life Coach and the Leadership Circle administrator, leadership trainer and a professional speaker.

He is a transformational life coach who believes that ‘we are the writers, directors and heroes of the film of our own life’ and can always become the best version of ourselves. He has helped several men and women to surmount a variety of challenges and reach that goal.
Under his tutelage, Leadscape Advisors, the company has conceived and conducted a number of leadership and faculty development programs for corporates and colleges. He has also conducted two global workshops on Competitive Intelligence for participants from Columbia, Mexico, Belgium, England, Germany, Malaysia and India.

As an Army officer, he wore the uniform for four decades. During his career, he served in J&K for ten years and on all the borders multiple times. He commanded an anti-terrorist Rashtriya Rifles Battalion in J&K at the height of terrorism and was awarded the Sena Medal for gallantry.

During his career, he taught in the Infantry School at Mhow, the Defence Services Staff College at Wellington and Army War College at Mhow.   He has also served in Lesotho, Southern Africa, as Security Advisor to the Government and Leader of the Indian Army Training Team.

After his retirement, he has also been CEO of Rodic Consultants Private Limited, a leading Engineering PMC Company with over 75 major infrastructure projects in India and abroad.  He was also  CEO of Pravara Rural Education Society, which ran 92 schools and colleges in Maharashtra with 42,000 students.

He is an M.Sc and M Phil in Defence Studies and also has attended a study program in the USA at the Asia Pacific Centre of Security Studies, Hawaii. A life-long learner, he is also a qualified Independent Director and an ISO Lead Auditor for Occupational Health and Safety.  

Maj Gen Neeraj Bali is a faculty of the Institute for Competitive Intelligence, Germany. He has also delivered talks on leadership, disruption, organisational culture and competitive intelligence on several prestigious forums, including Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, XLRI Jamshedpur, Strategic Competitive Intelligence Professionals summits in the US and Portugal, Institute of Competitive Intelligence conference at Germany, CXO conference of Tata Group of Companies, Wipro, Kirloskar Brothers, PSU heads at MDI and two summits of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, to name a few.

He is Advisor to the managements of Dynamic Cables Ltd, Jaipur, and SSGMCE, Shegaon. He is also the President of the CorePeelers foundation and an Advisor to the digital education platform Notebook.  

He is currently writing a book on the importance of having a robust organisational culture under contract with a leading publishing house.



'A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.' This is the perfect sentence about Maj Gen Neeraj Bali. During LeadScape-Excel and Elevate Course, I came to know about his profound teaching ability and converting experiences into a leadership guide.

Ruhul Islam

Sr. Manager-Business Development

Altanova India Pvt Ltd

One thing defines Gen Bali's presentation style – the attendees look at the clock with trepidation rather than expectation that the programme is going to end. When I face a leader's dilemma I often think of a particular situation he had narrated and get an instant answer.

Ajay Mahajan

Head Trade Fairs, IEEMA

Contact Us

Contact Us

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